The Voice Studio of Noree Dolphay


Noree Dolphay's musical mission is to help her students sing sweeter, stronger, and smarter. Her students range from ages 10-87, and they sing all genres of music. Noree can help you strengthen your voice while keeping it free, healthy, and flexible so you can make the most expressive, powerful, and creative sounds possible!

Noree holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music from Whitworth University, and a Master of Music degree from Eastern Washington University. Both of her degrees are in Vocal Performance, and she has also done a great deal of special research in Vocal Pedagogy, the study of teaching singing. In addition to Noree’s training in classical music and singing, she specializes in singing and teaching Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM). CCM is a new branch of Vocal Pedagogy related to healthy, free, commercial sounds like Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Country, Blues, you name it!

Noree is one of the only teachers in the Inland Northwest with both a classical academic background and specific training in CCM pedagogy. She is the only person in the area who has received Level 3 Certification in Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method from the CCM Institute.


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Reviews for Noree Dolphay's teaching


Brianne W:

Noree pays attention to each students strengths and uses those to help target strategies to improve on the students weaknesses. She talks about vocal training and techniques using concrete examples instead of abstract concepts that are hard for students to understand. Noree genuinely cares to tailor her teaching to meet the needs of each student. Whether it be through song choice or training techniques.

Sandy A:

Noree has been our daughters piano teacher since she was 7 (2 years) and our sons since he was 5 (about a year). She is flat out amazing. She is patient yet firm. She challenges our daughter to try new things and talks her down from moments of panic. Our daughter has grown by leaps and bounds both musically and personally. Our son is showing incredible growth in music and concentration. Its wonderful to see how much he has changed. It amazes me to see them both read and play music without struggling. Noree is fun, enthusiastic, caring and patient. She even slowed down and back tracked when our kids both were struggling so that they learned what they needed to instead of continuing on. I strongly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning, growing and perfecting their skills in music. She is spectacular.

Lori C:

I am a parent of two teenagers who have recently been taking voice lessons with Noree Dolphay.  Our family is quite musical, however I personally have never had vocal coaching.  I perform piano, whereas my husband is a guitarist.  Both of our children have wanted to and needed to sing for musical theater productions.  I was at a loss because I can't coach them with singing!  However, I met Noree though CYT and mutual friends, and have invested in lessons for both my son and daughter, ages 15 and 13.  I have to say her techniques are excellent.  They have learned the difference between head and chest registers (I never knew that!), they understand their ranges, and have even learned some anatomy!  Their confidence has grown as have their vocal abilities.  In addition, Noree is just plain fun, and the children both adore her.  Thank you and hats off to Noree and her vocal teaching!

Jeff C:

Noree is a wonderfully warm and supportive person and voice teacher who possesses an impressive amount of knowledge pertaining to CCM singing, including knowledge of how to interact and communicate with instrumentalists and sound engineers. She's also a great singer! Highly recommended!

Megan C:

Emma was born with a talent, singing. However, she used to have very little confidence. Now she can't wait to perform. My Emma was very much an introvert before taking lessons with Noree. Not only has Noree helped lead Emma to the next level in her singing abilities, she has encouraged her, befriended her, became her confidante, and relates to her in a way that draws my daughter out of her shell. She has taught Emma mechanics, discipline, and confidence with her instrument, Emma's voice. I am so excited to see what the next step is with my daughter, with Noree's guidance.

Lucy J:

Although I was only a student with Noree for a short time, due to my leaving for a long term trip, my experience with her as a teacher, and person, was nothing but positive! I came having had little teaching in music and singing specifically, but Noree took what I knew and felt I needed to work on, and grew my skill, technique, and understanding of singing. She allowed me to express where I felt I was as far as skill and how I felt about what she was teaching me as I practiced the tools she gave me. Noree is an incredibly skilled woman that teaches with humility and well-earned authority. Aside from that, she also has a very fun personality and can take even the quietest of people (me) and help them find a confidence in their skill! I thoroughly enjoyed and grew from my time with Noree and I would definitely encourage others to make use of her wonderful teaching!

Justin B:

Noree is an amazing voice teacher and I have learned so much from her about the voice and singing. I had originally started out just doing it for the summer, but when I was about to end, I decided to keep doing it because it was that great and I learned so much! She is so overqualified and knows exactly what so is doing! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn about how the voice works and singing!